Off to a Basketball Game

Today, my son Sam (8 yr old) had a basketball game. As I was running out the door, my older son (13) took my photos with my mini me!
I am not thrilled with this outfit. I love the pieces but think this looks boring. I have not decided what else to do with the outfit. I also tried some chunky pearls but still feel the shirt is boring…So here are the pics:



Edited to add another try with this shirt:


Loving Old Navy Today – Part Two

As I mentioned earlier, I got some awesome deals at Old Navy today! I had good shopping karma in general today! I also went to Target and 2 of the 3 items on my list were 70% off. Then I got some really cute shoes at Payless for BOGO 50% off. They are red suede wedge pumps and leopard wedge pumps for a fraction of what I normally would pay. Here is the link to the shoes:
The last stop was Old Navy. I had $30 in rewards cash and a $30 off a $60 purchase coupon. I ended up with all of this for 48 cents!

Loving Old Navy Today!

I finally got the camera out and charged. I don’t love the photos today but liked the outfit. I ran by Old Navy and 3 salespeople commented on how cute I looked! They had never seen this sweater on anyone. I used my $30 off a $60 purchase Super Cash and my $30 reward and I got 4 items for a total of $0.48! I will post my new items later.

Here is my outfit today:
I wore black jeans/Second Yoga, black cowboy boot mules/M L Ledde, blanket sweater/Old Navy and necklace/Native Indian tribe in New Mexico.



Outfit of the Day


I did a great job of cutting my head off!!! One of these days I am going to drag out my good camera and take proper photos!

Dress: Garnet Hill, Necklace/Earrings: Camp Allen Gift Shop, Shoes: Jeffrey Love at Nordstrom and Jacket: Bass Pro Shops

Hiking Shoes…

I am back from Disney World.  My Merrill hiking shoes were an epic fail!  They gave me terrible shin splints.  I highly recommend Mephistos though.  They were super comfortable and my feet and hips felt pretty good the time I was wearing them.  I wish I would have added a warm jacket, hat and gloves to my packing list.  It was cold in Florida over the weekend!!!  I bought a cute Mickey micro fleece jacket and a pink plaid hat as souvenirs.  I did a terrible job of taking pics of myself!

Here is the hat I bought:

Errands On A Sunday

Errands On A Sunday

Old Navy v neck tee

Mango waterproof jacket

Oasis flare jeans

Toms shoes

Tarina Tarantino long drop earrings
This is similar to what I wore today.  I took Sammy to Cub Scouts and we went out to our little neighborhood TexMex place РEl Ranchero.  This outfit was comfortable but I looked like I was at least trying!
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