A Few More iPhone Pics!

My oldest son and I went to Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio last week to see a neurometabolic specialist.  He has seizures and many other serious medical problems and we have been looking for a real diagnosis to pull it all together for 14 years!!!  We loved the doctor and have faith that if he can’t help us, no one can help us.  We will know in 4-6 months.

This is what I wore on the plane to Cleveland.  This sweater is from Anthropologie, striped tee from Garnet Hill, butterfly scarf from Old Navy and jeggings from New York and Co.  It was very comfortable.  I bought the sweater about 2 weeks ago and have already worn it 4 or 5 times!


This is what I wore today.  This vest used to be a jacket.  I hated how the sleeves fit and I wanted a cargo vest so I cut the sleeves off and hemmed around the arm holes.  I am VERY happy with it!  I am also wearing a striped tee from Old Navy, black Second Yoga Jeans, and my TOMs blue suede ballet flats.  My jewelry is from Sam Moon – http://www.sammoon.com.


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