TX Style Council Recap

I had such a great time at Texas Style Council and I learned so much!  I cannot even begin to blog all of it.  At least not yet.  I need time to digest it all!

I met many wonderful women.  They were so nice and so genuine.  It was surprising to me! I felt very welcome and accepted there.  There were women of all shapes, sizes, ages, etc there.  It was a wonderfully diverse crowd!

I learned to tweet over the weekend – thanks to Rachael of http://rachaelreally.tumblr.com/ and Joanne of fabulouslyaverage.tumblr.com/.  Follow me on twitter @BetsyFurler.  Rachael also taught me how to wear bracelets!

I met Pam of http://over50feeling40.blogspot.com/.  She is a perfect role model blogger for me!  I enjoyed talking with her as well as hearing speak as the moderator of a panel.   I carpooled with Emily of www.emilyhallman.com.  Her clothes are to die for – go check them out!  I also carpooled with Chelsea of http://www.bellavogue.com.  She navigated for me all over Austin! I was fascinated by the small town life of Erica of theseminolesweetheart.blogspot.com.  I bonded with Genny of gennyalexander.typepad.com over our insecurity with thrifting and our similar clothing choices.

I met so many more!  I will continue my list of new friends on my next post!

Joanne and Rachael

Emily in her fabulous skirt!

The photography workshop on Saturday morning – that is Jen of JenLovesKev in the plaid skirt and Kevin is conducting the workshop.

I learned that I need to actually use the DSLR that I have with the tripod, external flash and various lens that I already own.  I ordered a remote for my camera and IT IS HERE!!!  I will try it out as soon as I have a few minutes to figure it out!

More to follow!!!


One thought on “TX Style Council Recap

  1. Betsy, I loved spending time with you and will have you on my post on Friday!! I have done a series of different posts this week recaping speeches and topics. Also, I have a book giveaway going that I think you would love…it is in the sidebar and easy to enter the contest! We will have to spend more time together!! Let me know if you head this direction…

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