Traveling Again!

I have decided to add more about my life along with my outfit posts. I have changed the name of the blog to reflect my new mission of combining my lifestyle blog, Bento Boxes and Fly Fishing, and my fashion blog, You Can Be Cute and Comfortable.

I travel once a month to South Texas (the Rio Grande Valley) to see families as a part of my PLAY Project.  I do parent training for families with kids on the autism spectrum.  I love my work and I love bringing it to the Valley!

When I travel, I like to look like I tried.  So many people are so casual at the airport and it frankly drives me crazy!  This is what I wore on the plane.

I have on an awesome lace dress from Langford Market on 2nd Street in Austin (there is one in the Village in Houston as well)the dress has a little stretch to it so it is super comfy, leggings, black ballet flats and my trusty denim jacket from Bass Pro Shops (Yes you read that right!!!  Remember I am a fly fisher!).  I have on a Swap Watch from Stein Mart, my new favorite bracelet from Peacock Plume and a chunky pearl necklace from NY and Co.


I got the remote for my DSLR in the mail right before I left town.  I promise I will learn to take photos of myself someday soon so I will have better outfit photos!!!!



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