The “New” Bun

I learned about “hair doughnuts” from my blogger friends.  I was so excited to try one because my hair is just too fine and when I put it in a bun, it looks ridiculous!  So, I searched for a “hair doughnut” and found one!  I was going on and on about this new invention and found out from both my African-American friends and my dance friends that these have been around for ages!!!!  Why didn’t anyone share this info with me???????  So, I am still excited about the hair doughnut and think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread – even if I am decades late on the trend!

Shirt – Anthropologie, Skirt – Calvin Klein, Shoes – DSW (very old), Necklace – NY&Co.

Here’s my bun!  Super easy and I LOVE IT!!!!


The Universe is Conspiring Against My Self Portraits!!!

I loved my outfit today so I decided to take the camera outside to take some photos. As soon as I got it all set up, it started raining! The iPhone photos are so much easier!


Dress: Langford Market, Rice Village; Shoes: TOMS; Bracelets: InPink and Necklace: Jewelry and More, Rice Village

A Trip To Washington, DC With A Purpose!

Last week we were in DC with the Epilepsy Foundation.  My 14 yr old son, Henry, has severe epilepsy (along with a host of other serious medical conditions) and was chosen by the Texas Epilepsy Foundation affiliate to represent a large part of Texas on Capitol Hill and advocate for epilepsy awareness and level funding for epilepsy research.  We were able to sight see for two days and then we attended  a day and a half of training.  On the last day, we went to Capitol Hill and met with staff from the offices of our Senators and Representatives.  It was an awesome experience!  The very best part of the experience was that Henry got to meet other teens and young adults living VERY accomplished lives with epilepsy!!!  They were incredibly inspiring!

This is our first day in DC.  This is one of my favorite outfits (you have seen it before!) and I wore it on the plane.  We ended up walking for MILES and while these shoes are comfortable – they are not that comfortable!

My boys and I are in front of the Washington Monument!  It was really windy and chilly!   Henry is wearing his seizure helmet.  Can you believe he goes most of the day in this helmet?  And he is confident and not at all embarrassed!  It amazes me!  I definitely was not that brave or confident when I was in middle school!

Flowers at the WWII Memorial

My family on Capitol Hill!  Sam and I had a terrible case of STATIC!!!!  And for some reason, I thought that wearing hose was a good idea…

Henry sitting at the desk of one of the TX Representatives!

A sight seeing outfit!  Old Navy Scarf, J Jill Cardigan, Eddie Bauer jeans and Mephisto Shoes (SOOOOOO comfortable!)