The “New” Bun

I learned about “hair doughnuts” from my blogger friends.  I was so excited to try one because my hair is just too fine and when I put it in a bun, it looks ridiculous!  So, I searched for a “hair doughnut” and found one!  I was going on and on about this new invention and found out from both my African-American friends and my dance friends that these have been around for ages!!!!  Why didn’t anyone share this info with me???????  So, I am still excited about the hair doughnut and think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread – even if I am decades late on the trend!

Shirt – Anthropologie, Skirt – Calvin Klein, Shoes – DSW (very old), Necklace – NY&Co.

Here’s my bun!  Super easy and I LOVE IT!!!!


One thought on “The “New” Bun

  1. Hey Betsy! I have not very thick hair (to put it nicely) and have wondered if this works. My hair isn’t long enough yet, but when it grows, I’m gonna try it….looks great on you!


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