Yet Another Maxi Skirt!

I have been very, very busy traveling lately.  I am on my 4th trip since June began!  It has been exhausting but now I am on vacation in New Mexico and resting!  I was looking through my photos and realized I never posted this outfit.  It is a combo of the previous maxi skirt outfits.  I love this skirt and the vest!


Maxi Skirts!!!!

As I stated in my last post, I am loving maxi skirts this summer.  Here are a couple of other outfits I have worn recently.

I love this skirt and have worn it a lot already.  It is from Old Navy

The chambray shirt is from Kohl’s.  Here is a similar shirt that is sleeveless.

I won the necklace at the TX Style Council.

This is another maxi shirt – this one is from Gap and it is another of my favorites!

The vest is vintage Levis from the 70’s!

Once again, my photos are awful and you get a sneak peak of Henry’s messy room!!!  Its a good thing I have a day job!

Long Time No Post!

Hi all!
I have been dramatically neglecting my blog!  I have been writing a book on using iPads with kids with speech and language challenges and writing some webinars on a similar topic.  That and the end of the school year pretty much has consumed all my time!

Now I am in Hondo, TX.  I am here because my oldest son, Henry, is nearby on a field trip with GeoForce-Texas.  GeoForce is an experiential outreach program that prepares Texas high school students to become part of the geosciences workforce.  He will participate in field trips with them each summer of high school.  Because of his seizures and other medical issues, I am more comfortable being geographically close to him.

I went shopping in this little town and found a Bealls Department Store – it was in a tiny space and jam packed with clothes!  I found two cute summer dresses that I am sure you will see soon!


I have been living in maxi skirts lately.  I love how comfortable but pulled together they are!  I am also embracing the return of the denim vest!  Sorry for the awful quality of the photo!


I wear bracelets every day now thanks to Rachael of who I met at the TX Style Council in March.