Outfits for a Conference – One to Speak In and One to Listen In

In June, I spoke at the TCEA Tots and Technology Conference in Galveston, TX.  It was a fabulous conference and I enjoyed meeting lots of Ed Tech people and learning more about technology in the classroom.  I spoke about using iPads For Inclusion of Students with Special Needs.  I represented Bridging Apps – http://www.bridgingapps.org

This is what I wore to speak:

I was wearing an OLD black knit dress, green cardigan from Anthropologie and shoes from DSW.  My bracelet is from Bealls.


The next day, I got to just list.  I wore this dress from Bealls (I had just spent a few days in Hondo, TX and there was nothing to do except shop at Bealls).  So may say it is too casual for a professional conference but I am telling you people, there were women in swim suits with cover ups on and MANY people in shorts and tshirts.  I was dressy!

Here is the link to the dress:




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