The Hospital….. Again!

We are in the hospital. My 14 year old son started the Ketogenic diet about a month ago. He has been doing well, but yesterday he had a sinking spell. We called 911 and they took him to the emergency room, where the preceded to admit him overnight for observation.


Dots, Stripes or Both!

My new obsessions are polka dots, striped and Broken In Straight Khakis from the Gap!  I own the pants in hot corral, green, army green, off white and cantaloupe and I just ordered a pair in blue.   I could wear them everyday….  LOVE them!!!!

Today I combined all my obsessions into one outfit.  I wore this today (Saturday) to hang out with my 8 yr old son, Sam, and then a casual dinner and college basketball (Go Rice!)

Shirt/Pants:  The Gap, Scarf:  Target, Shoes:  very, very old!

French Hens on My iPhone!

The French Hens are the big craze at J Crew right now.  I think they are cute but don’t want to spend the money on something so memorable and possibly not age appropriate.  I went into J Crew today to look at their iPhone case and lo and behold, a French Hen iPhone case!!!  It was $25 – a decent price for an iPhone case – and it is more age appropriate than the pink and purple Minnie Mouse case I have now!

AWESOME Knit Blazer!!!

I have been craving a knit blazer for the fall.  They are every where so I was searching.  I finally found this one!  It is inexpensive (extra 50% off!) and longer.  I took the risk and ordered it – it was $17 plus shipping and tax so it wasn’t much of a risk.  I got it today and LOVE it!  It is a heavy knit and very nice fabric. It is lined.  I cannot wait to wear it.  I usually wear an 8 or 10 and I ordered the 10 for a slightly oversized look.








I love to fly fish – especially in New Mexico.  I learned to fly fish there and I love going back.  We went to Philmont Scout Ranch in June – my husband took a scout leader class there and I relaxed.  On family day, we hired a guide and fished the Cimarron River.  Here we are!!!

And an outfit post of my youngest child, Sam!

Shoes To Hike In

What does a wanna be fashionista do when she is forced to go hiking?  Find cute hiking shoes!

I finally found these Merrell Trail Runners.  I got them at REI but cannot find a link.  I LOVED them – so lightweight and enough support for me and they did not cause shin splints like my previous hiking shoes did!

We went to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM.  It is so beautiful there!

A Gift!

My wonderful neighbors had a wonderful baby in March.  He is so cute and I LOVE babysitting him as often as possible!!!

His mom bought this dress and it did not work for her.  She gave it to me and I LOVE IT!!!!  She said it was a gift from the baby 🙂

I have already worn it three times and may wear it again tomorrow!  It is the perfect cool, comfy dress for the Houston summer.


The dress is from Macy’s, the vest used to be a jacket from JCPenny’s and the necklace is from Sam Moon (

Outfits for a Conference – One to Speak In and One to Listen In

In June, I spoke at the TCEA Tots and Technology Conference in Galveston, TX.  It was a fabulous conference and I enjoyed meeting lots of Ed Tech people and learning more about technology in the classroom.  I spoke about using iPads For Inclusion of Students with Special Needs.  I represented Bridging Apps –

This is what I wore to speak:

I was wearing an OLD black knit dress, green cardigan from Anthropologie and shoes from DSW.  My bracelet is from Bealls.


The next day, I got to just list.  I wore this dress from Bealls (I had just spent a few days in Hondo, TX and there was nothing to do except shop at Bealls).  So may say it is too casual for a professional conference but I am telling you people, there were women in swim suits with cover ups on and MANY people in shorts and tshirts.  I was dressy!

Here is the link to the dress:


A Really Comfortable Outfit

This is what I wore on a weekend. I was working but wanted to be super comfortable. I was happy in my outfit all day! Sometimes sitting on the floor and playing with small children requires denim and lots of it!

Shirt: Anthropologie; Jeans: Eddie Bauer, Shoes: TOMS and Necklace: SteinMart

The type of speech therapy and autism therapy I do is called Floortime or DIR therapy. There was a MAJOR research paper published recently with awesome news that this type of therapy is actually changing the brains of kids on the Autism Spectrum. This is so exciting to me!

Here is a link to the story:

Yet Another Maxi Skirt!

I have been very, very busy traveling lately.  I am on my 4th trip since June began!  It has been exhausting but now I am on vacation in New Mexico and resting!  I was looking through my photos and realized I never posted this outfit.  It is a combo of the previous maxi skirt outfits.  I love this skirt and the vest!